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Concrete Flatwork

Slabs and floors are laser screeded, panned, bump cut and finished with riding power trowels to meet FF and FL numbers achieving a super flat floor.

We can pour any size of slab, floor, driveway or sidewalk. Our hi-tech equipment makes us very efficient and able to pour large square footages at a time. Small pours are just as important to us as the large pours, and we strive for perfection with every job large or small.

Our finishers are top notch and will give your floor the finished quality that you want. We pour quality flatwork that will stand up to long term use.

Concrete Flatwork in Idaho, Utah, Montanta and Wyoming

Our geographic location, just a short distance from the Wyoming, Utah and Montana borders, makes Bryan Landon Construction the perfect concrete contractor to complete the concrete flatwork on your project. For out of state projects, we are able to obtain all necessary permits.